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Alpine Indulgence

Alpine Indulgence

Five 400g jars and one 250g bottle of Mario Bianco’s artisan honey harvested in Piedmont – Acacia, Chestnut, Rhododendron, Lime Blossom, Dandelion and Cherry Blossom

The ultimate honey collection, our set of six Mario Bianco honeys reflect the glorious mountainous terrain of the Alpine region where Bianco’s bees roam. This exclusive set of bespoke, wild-foraged Italian honeys includes a diverse range of options that will add depth and sweetness to anything they encounter. From viscous to creamy and amber to gold, the myriad colors and extraordinary range of the Alpine Indulgence is sure to brighten your pantry and enhance your cooking.

 Vintages: 2016, 2017 and 2018


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