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Miele di Clementina – Clementine Honey

Miele di Clementina – Clementine Honey

Pollination by the bees occurs in April in limited areas of the Sibari plain in the eastern coastal region of Calabria to produce this bright, invigorating honey. Carrying the intense aroma of ripe clementine fruits, it is a rare creation with bracing acidity and tantalizing texture – a most sensuous experience. An opaque and spreadable honey, it carries notes of the orange family with an orange blossom finish. Reads as more unique and high-toned than the citrus which is a bit sweeter with lower base notes. Note that the spreadable honeys become liquid when they are heated up in the jar in a bath of simmering water.

2017, 2018, 400gr

2019, 250gr

2020, 250gr

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