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Aged Honeys

Aged Honeys

An exclusive release from our cellars, this aged honeys date back to 2006, revealing startling complexity layered upon the already dreamy quality of Mario Bianco's delicious honey. These rare finds adorned with the Bianco family's traditional labels are a beautiful tribute to their ongoing legacy. 

 *The aged honeys may be crystallized and will benefit from a warm bath upon receipt. Use a heavy bottom pan and fill with water 2/3 up the jar. Remove the lid of the honey before placing in the warm water bath. Water should be very warm, but not simmering or boiling, like a hot bath. Stir the honey every 2-5 minutes to speed up the process. If the honey is taking more than half an hour to liquify, either increase the heat slightly or stir more often.



The 2006 Thyme honey is undoubtedly the maximum expression of this type in purity. Thyme honey has become increasingly rare due to climate change. A quality crop was generally obtained every 2 to 3 years, but the last time Andrea was able to produce the Thyme honey was in 2012. This Thyme honey comes from the Iblei mountains in the province of Syracuse (Sicily).

Color: Dark amber with reddish reflections.
Aroma: It has a medium intensity of smell with notes of wood and flowers. Sweetness: Medium in sweetness and acidity with no bitterness.
Palate: It recalls cedar wood, cloves, date, and drawing pencil.
Length: Exceptional persistence in the mouth.



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