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Nathan's Polenta

Nathan's Polenta
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A regular in his cooking repertoire, Neal is thrilled to offer Nathan's Polenta to Mad Rose Specialty Foods' customers. Straight from the mountains, this exceptional polenta is crafted from an ancient, precious variety of corn grown on the Pavese estate in the Valle D’Aosta. Simply add butter, water or broth, a pinch of salt and a generous shaving of Parmigiano-Reggiano to enjoy this full-bodied, exceptional rendition of polenta. 

The Pavese family's wine renown comes to us from La Ruine outside Morgex, just minutes from the summit of Mont Blanc. The estate is one of the highest vineyards in Europe, perched beneath glaciers and cliff-sides so shear that only the local Chamois goats can scale them without difficulty. In 2017, Ermes Pavese almost lost his entire crop due to difficult weather. He and his son, Nathan, decided to cultivate more crops in the event of another hard year and settled on potatoes and corn. Nathan has since taken over the non-vineyard portion of the farm, and thus we give you, Nathan's Chips and his glorious Polenta. 


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