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Recaredo Olive Oil

Recaredo Olive Oil


Rosenthal Wine Merchant's celebrated Spanish producer joins the food portfolio with this stunning organic and biodynamic olive oil made exclusively with olives harvested from the Recaredo & Celler Credo family estate. Perched on the Montpedrós mountain, 450 meters above sea level, Can Credo's centuries-old olive trees flank the esteemed vineyards – a symbiotic crop pairing deeply rooted in Mediterranean history and culture. The Rebost de Can Credo represents the family's line of "pantry" products, such as this olive oil and the vineyard's tea infusions.
Made exclusively from hand-harvested Arbequina olives cold-pressed at low temperatures, the low-acid oil reveals a long finish and harmonious balance, boasting noble bitter notes and balanced spiciness; the most sublime expression of Arbequina olives. We are thrilled to feature Olivar de Can Credo as our first Spanish olive oil amongst our other esteemed offerings.

Vintage: November 2021



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