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The Premier Olive Oil Collection

The Premier Olive Oil Collection

Save on our most spectacular collection of olive oil to date; this set boasts an exclusive selection of three exceptional olive oils. The Bea Grezzo olive oil from Umbria is a favorite each year, harvested organically from three different varieties of olives grown on the Bea estate in Montefalco. A new addition to the portfolio, Orgolio hails from a female-owned estate in Tuscany; beyond its brilliant color, the oil reveals a luxurious texture and bold flavor with a touch of spice on the back-end. The third oil is from none other than the famed Recaredo estate; a stunning organic and biodynamic olive oil that is noted for its ultra lightweight quality, with a faint hint of pepper and a delicate finish.

Drizzle the Bea on steaks fresh off the grill, brighten salads with Orgolio and bring harmony to seafood dishes with the Recaredo ... this year's Premier Olive Oil Collection is a trio of triumphs. 

Vintages: 2021

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