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Tonno Rosso – Sardinian Red Tuna

Tonno Rosso – Sardinian Red Tuna

We are excited to offer our customers this specialty “Red Tuna” (also known as “running tuna”) prepared and packaged by SALIS, a family operation started in 1983 on one of the islands off the southwest coast of Sardinia. The firm specializes in the preparation of Mediterranean fish.

In this case, the “Red Tuna” (Tonno Rosso or Tonno di Corsa) is considered the most exquisite of the various tuna species. It is fished exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea between May and June. Salis then ages the tuna for six months and it is immersed in olive oil when packed. The aging process aids in producing the special flavor and texture. Its color is red-tinted, deep and rich; the texture is muscular and meaty; the flavor true and clean. 

If you have enjoyed the tuna prepared by the Armato family, the one we have been offering for many years but which is now available in limited supply, you will enjoy this product for sure. We note that the flavor of the Salis tuna is less “sweet” than that of the Armato, a difference that is, in our view, attributable primarily to the difference in the olive oil in which each is aged.


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