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The Premier Olive Oil Collection

The Premier Olive Oil Collection

Save on our most spectacular collection of olive oil to date; this set boasts three exclusive selections from the Armatos, the Bea family and Chateau Peyrassol. At the core of this bundle is the Bea Grezzo olive oil, harvested organically from three different varieties of olives grown on the Bea estate in Montefalco. We also invite you to discover U-Re or "The King" –  the Armato family's most special oil crafted as a tribute to the late Aldo Armato – made from Taggiasche olives fruited from their most ancient grove of trees. With Peyrassol we whisk you to Provence, where the storied estate has cultivated a signature oil that is both bright and delicious.

With the Bea's plush, robust nature, U-Re's sweet and balanced profile and Peyrassol's elegant, delicate qualities, The Premier Olive Oil Collection offers marvelous insight into the nature of expertly crafted, extra virgin olive oil from masters in the field. 

Vintages: 2018 for all three olive oils

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