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Fall for Autumn

Fall for Autumn

Embrace the changing of the seasons and save when you choose this exclusive bundle featuring our top pantry picks for a flavorful fall. At the heart of this selection is our Chateau Pradeaux olive oil, cold-pressed on the renowned Provencal estate from olives harvested from 300-year old trees. The bold, exuberant notes of the oil make it an ideal choice for finishing off roasted squash or brussels sprouts straight from the oven. Mario Bianco's chestnut honey is a must for cooler temperatures; use it in game marinades or as part of a stunning cheese platter. And of course, what would fall be without pasta? Take your at-home creations to another level with Giampiero Bea's spaghetti crafted from an heirloom variety of whole durum wheat grown on the Bea estate and a bright, rich oregano from the Armatos in Liguria.


Vintage: Chateau Pradeaux 2018

             Mario Bianco Chestnut Honey 2018

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