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France's Finest

France's Finest

With France's Finest, we bring you an exclusive taste of artisan crafted olive oil from some of Provence's most renowned wine producers. Both Château Pradeaux and Château Peyrassol boast rich, complex histories that date back centuries. 

Crafted from 500-year old olive trees on the property, Château Pradeaux's olive oil is extremely rare and special. With just 300 bottles produced during the 2018 harvest, the resulting oil is at once bold, dense and exuberant. By comparison, Château Peyrassol's olive oil is quite fine, displaying an elegance on the palate with notes of fresh cut herbs and artichoke. Together, they make a remarkable addition to any gourmand's kitchen, whether it's purchased as a gift or for your own enjoyment. 

Vintage: 2018 for the Pradeaux and Peyrassol

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