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Recaredo Tea Infusion

Recaredo Tea Infusion

Rosenthal Wine Merchant's celebrated Cava producer joins the food portfolio with two stunning additions: an exceptional biodynamic olive oil and these exclusive herbal tea infusions called Vespres de Verema. The Rebost de Can Credo represents the family's line of "pantry" products, such as their delectable olive oil and these vineyard infusionsThe box contains 10 pyramid sachets filled with Xarel-lo stems, vine leaves, skins and seeds paired with a touch of fennel, rosemary and lavender.

A glorious mix that can be enjoyed hot or cold. When served cold, the dominant vegetal notes evoke the vineyard with a light, fresh acidity. Enjoy it hot and the Vespres de Verema reveals a more delicate, Mediterranean subtlety with hints of aniseed and licorice. 

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