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 Mad Rose Specialty Foods is an evolution of Neal Rosenthal’s passion for the artisanal and his respect for terroir. Borne from the success of Rosenthal Wine Merchant and Neal’s immersive travels throughout Europe, Mad Rose Specialty Foods brings our customers carefully curated products sourced according to the same elevated standards as all of our wine. We work closely with trusted family-run producers that have honed their production methods through multiple generations of care for their land and respect for their product. The result is an exceptional selection of quality food products that will change the way you cook, taste and feel.


Neal Rosenthal leaped from the waters of corporate law into the world of wine forty years ago. Since then, Rosenthal Wine Merchant has established itself as one of New York’s most respected wine importers, boasting a portfolio of wines from small-batch, artisanal producers throughout Europe. The relationships Neal has cultivated with these producers over the years is one of mutual love and respect, with a shared dedication to showcasing their commitment to terroir and quality craftsmanship over mass production. With Rosenthal Wine Merchant as the foundation of Mad Rose, the garden has grown to include Mad Rose Specialty Foods and Mad Rose Journeys.



Kerry Madigan, partner, warrior and force behind the evolution of the Mad Rose Group of companies (and the “Mad” of Mad Rose!), has worked side-by-side with Neal for forty years to make the imagined real.  Kerry’s singular talents in the gardens and fields of Mad Rose Ranch and wizardry in the kitchen have been the source of many of the recipes and ideas that inform this site. The ongoing roll-out of information relating to the use of the various products offered here will frequently bear Kerry’s imprint as we search for new and creative ways to utilize the bounty of our relationships and the products that arise therefrom. Kerry may also, from time-to-time, share her tips for how to insure a proper harvest from the garden in the face of the growing challenges presented by the capricious nature of our more-than-ever volatile climate. As well, she might reveal sources for seeds, cuttings and the like that will enhance your gardening experience.



Debbie Soo has spent her career immersed in the food world. As a former editor for one of Hong Kong’s leading food and lifestyle publications, she seasoned more than her palate in the production of over fifty issues devoted to gastronomy and home cooking. After moving to the US in 2014, she started Feastive – New York’s first meal kit delivery service for dinner parties. She continues to pursue her love for delicious, quality fare with the Mad Rose team.

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