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We are thrilled to add a series of spectacular new products from our Alba-based partners at Tartuflanghe to our portfolio. At Mad Rose Foods, we only work with esteemed overseas producers; multi-generational family businesses who take pride in quality craftsmanship and excellence in their offerings. With their unprecedented reputation in the truffle world, Tartuflanghe makes for a welcome new addition to our line of specialty goods.  
Savor the delicacies of Alba's renowned truffles with Tartuflanghe's award-winning line of products. Their esteemed reputation in the truffle world draws from the family's multi-generational roots in Alba. Today, Tartuflanghe operates from a state-of-the-art 6500 sq ft facility in Piobesi d’Alba, where the laboratory and factory continue to develop and produce innovative, tasteful methods to showcase truffles. From freeze-dried truffles to the world's first truffle pasta, truffle oils, condiments, snacks and more, we are pleased to share the best of Tartuflanghe with our customers at Mad Rose Foods. Discover the award-winning line beloved by Michelin-starred chefs and seasoned epicures alike.

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