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The Montanaro family’s deeply rooted reputation in the truffle industry stretches back multiple generations, beginning with the pioneering vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe “Beppe” Montanario. Born into the heart of the lower Piemonte in 1939, Beppe’s culinary journey began at the esteemed Savona Hotel in Alba, where he gained first-hand experience in working with the world’s most coveted truffles. His innate curiosity would lead him to travel the globe while honing his cooking skills in the kitchens of international cruise ships for the next eight years. By the time he returned to his family in Alba in 1968, Beppe the Sailor was an accomplished chef who channeled his passion for cuisine and hospitality into opening his eponymous restaurant. It was also here where he would meet Domenica, who would later become his wife and business partner. With his culinary talent in the kitchen and indomitable charm in the dining room, Da Beppe flourished as a must-try destination for Piemonte cuisine, with a special focus on the king of the Piedmont table; the Alba white truffle. 

From September to January, Beppe and Domenica would dish out over 350 oz of fresh truffle to their customers, visiting the weekly markets each morning to source the best truffles available. Domenica would quickly earn the moniker “The Truffle Lady” for her amazing talent in selecting the highest quality products, solidifying priceless relationships built on mutual esteem and trust with the local trifolao. In 1975, Beppe and Domenica established Tartuflanghe – a marriage of “Tartufo” and “Langhe” – to meet the abundant demand from customers and food importers for Alba’s renowned truffles.



With Tartuflanghe, the duo sought to make traditional recipes and truffles available beyond the short harvest season. After closing the restaurant in 1982 to focus their efforts on the Tartuflanghe dream, they opened a laboratory in Piobesi d’Alba dedicated to experimenting with all things truffle. Domenica headed up the commercial side of the company while Beppe once again donned his traveling cloak to become a global advocate of truffle specialities, introducing some of Tartuflanghe’s signatures to the rest of Italy: truffle fondue, the first packaged truffle risotto, preserved truffles, and more. In 1990, Tartuflanghe introduced La Tartufissima, the world’s first pasta with truffles. A gourmet combination of pasta, porcini mushrooms and truffles, the invention put the company on the map, with demand flowing in from Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan. Upon winning Best New Product of the Year at the Fancy Food Show in 1992, Tartuflanghe earned its rightful position in renowned addition to gourmet specialty food shops all around the world. 


Today, Tartuflanghe operates from a state-of-the-art 6500 sq ft facility in Piobesi d’Alba, where the laboratory and factory continue to develop and produce innovative methods to showcase truffles. Beppe and Domenica’s children Paolo and Stefania have continued the path set by their parents, enriching Tartuflanghe’s line with inventive creations. From freeze-dried truffles to truffle pearls, pralines and more, we are pleased to share the best of Tartuflanghe with our customers at Mad Rose Foods. Discover the award-winning line beloved by Michelin-starred chefs and seasoned epicures alike. 


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