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Paolo & Giampiero Bea


References in the archives of Montefalco document the presence of the Bea family in the locality as far back as 1500. Their estate today represents the classic Italian fattoria, producing wine, raising farm animals for trade and home consumption and working the land to produce olives, fruits and vegetables. Paolo Bea is the senior member of the family; the guiding force behind the production of their intense, idiosyncratic wines and plush, vibrant olive oil. He is assisted by his two sons, Giuseppe and Giampiero. We are proud to present the full line of Azienda Giampiero Bea, a stunning group of products that represents the magic of Montefalco's terroir. Giampiero's products are crafted according to strict agricultural principles and his exceptional devotion to quality; the ancient grain pastas, heirloom legumes and specialty flours are among the most special and carefully cultivated inclusions in our portfolio. 


The entire Bea property in Montefalco, Umbria encompasses 15 hectares: five of which are dedicated to the vineyards, two to olives and the remainder to the fruits, vegetables and grains that are grown. The family is dedicated to natural, organic production, placing the same care and emphasis on their olive oil as they do on their world-renowned wines. 


During the November harvest, the olives are transported to the frantoio of Del Sero in Moriano, Umbria, where the olives are macerated by a stone mill and cold-pressed. This oil, an extra virgin referred to as “Grezzo” (translated as “raw” or “untouched” or “pure”), is a sensual, enchanting olive oil. There is a plush texture, a vibrant green-gold color and profound flavour that makes this oil a multiple threat in the kitchen.

Giampiero Bea began growing wheat because he felt it was becoming too difficult to find good quality pasta“To turn my wheat into pasta, I searched out the best traditions with honest, artisanal producers. It is crucial to produce pasta in the old way, the natural way.” The wheat Giampiero grows is Bidi Margherito, an ancient strain prized for its highly nutritious profile. It is taken turned into flour just 20km from Montefalco at a 1000-year old old stone mill. From there, it makes the 200km journey to Tuscany, where it is handed to the artisans at Pasta Fabbri, a fifth-generation pasta specialist in Chianti. The pasta is extruded through bronze die casts, which allow a rougher texture so the sauces cling to the pasta. They also dry the pasta slowly, over 4-6 days versus the few hours conventional pastas are given to dry; heritage grains have a lower gluten content (Giampiero's pastas come in at about 9% gluten, compared to 90% gluten for an industrial pasta) and would crack if dried in a hot oven like conventional pastas. Besides the pastas, we invite you to discover the gorgeous heirloom grains and rare flours from Giampiero's glorious agricultural endeavors.


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