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References in the archives of Montefalco document the presence of the Bea family in the locality as far back as 1500. At its origins, the Bea estate represented the classic Italian fattoria, producing wine, raising farm animals for trade and home consumption and working the land to produce olives, fruits and vegetables. Paolo Bea is the senior member of the family; the guiding force behind the production of their intense, idiosyncratic wines and plush, vibrant olive oil. He is assisted by his two sons, Giuseppe and Giampiero, and his wife, Marina. Giampiero has taken it upon himself to revolutionize the agricultural offerings of the estate, expanding the Bea's food products to include a glorious range of heirloom grains and legumes, as well as artisan flours and pastas crafted from an ancient variety of flour. 

The Land

The entire Bea property in Montefalco, Umbria encompasses 15 hectares: five of which are dedicated to the vineyards, two to olives and the remainder to the fruits, vegetables and grains that are grown. The family is dedicated to natural, organic production, placing the same care and emphasis on their olive oil as they do on their world-renowned wines. 

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