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Acetaia Pedroni




Acetaia Pedroni, recognized as one of the greatest artisanal vinegar producers in Italy, began as a humble taverna. Established in 1862 by Guiseppe Pedroni, the taverna was situated on a farm and vineyard in the heart of Modena. It was then, almost 160 years ago, that the Pedroni family first started using beer and madeira casks to mature vinegar from Trebbiano grapes in their cellar. As the years progressed, the taverna remained popular and the Pedroni family’s knowledge of balsamic production continued to mature. Guiseppe’s son Claudio passed away at a young age, so it was Claudio’s son Cesare who succeeded Guiseppe at the age of 18. Cesare and his son Guiseppe II worked together expanding the business into a taverna, winery and general store through World War II. Tragically, the father and son pair passed away within six months of each other just as the war came to a close. In 1945, at the age of 10, Guiseppe’s son Italo became the heir of the estate, but it was the women of the family, Claudia and Emma, who kept the business afloat. Despite immense challenges after the great war, the family grew. In 1963, Italo married Franca and had a son, Guiseppe III. Today, Guiseppe III oversees the production of Lambrusco and runs the taverna – the sixth generation of Pedroni to do so. Although Italo “retired” in 2016, he spends much of his time in the acetaia and works closely with his son.
Balsamic vinegar production is a wonderful and unique expression of Modena’s heritage. In fact, it is traditional to “begin” a new vinegar when a child is born, and many Modenese still do so. Accordingly, the Pedroni’s tradizionale vinegars are all named after family.
Today, Pedroni vinegars have won best Balsamic Vinegar in Modena and have received acclaim from chefs and gastronomes all over the world. Famed critic Ruth Reichl has described the Pedroni vinegars as “the perfect balsamic vinegar” and the “ultimate indulgence.” We are thrilled to be representing this incredible family, whose expertise, perseverance, and reverence for history and tradition inspire us.



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