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It is through the Bea family that we had the good fortune of meeting the Sisters of the Cistercian order. From their monastery in Vitorchiano, about 90 minutes north of Rome in Lazio, this sisterhood of about 80 nuns work the vineyards to produce their iconic Coenobium wine that has earned a cult following. We are thrilled to introduce this “Superiore” olive oil, sourced from five varieties of olive: the region’s local Canino, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino. Like the vineyards, the olives groves are also tended organically. Canino is a rustic and vigorous olive tree; its rusticity allows it to adapt well to different environments and soil types. The olives are smaller in size and ripen slowly, with later than average harvest dates; they produce very fragrant oil, revealing a deep green color and rich polyphenol content.

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