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Gourmands and talented home cooks around the world can attest to the undeniable quality and allure of Italian honey. Liquid gold and bottled bliss, honey’s myriad ambrosial qualities have been coaxed to perfection by the artisan beekeeper, Mario Bianco, Mad Rose’s beloved honey producer. A family-run production now headed up by Mario’s son, Andrea Bianco, the full range of honeys bearing the Mario Bianco name are stunning in their versatility, showcasing both subtle and robust flavours that reflect the flowering seasons in Piedmont, Calabria and Sicily.  These honeys are sourced almost exclusively from wild-growing flowers and trees making these the ultimate “organic” product.

 Never heat-treated or blended, our honeys from Mario Bianco are sold in their most natural form. Use these honeys in a multitude of ways: as a simple spread on toast, in delicious marinades, married to a plate of cheeses or decadently spooned over ice cream.

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