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Can Recaredo, as the domaine is known, is a deeply traditional producer of the finest Cavas available in the market; they are consistently recognized as one of the best wine producers in all of Spain. Josep Mata Capellades founded Cavas Recaredo in 1924, naming the domaine in honor of his father, Recaredo Mata Figueres. Today, Cavas Recaredo is currently managed by Josep and Antoni Mata Casanovas, the sons of its founder, with Ton Mata actively involved and representing the succeeding generation. 


Perched on the Montpedrós mountain, 450 meters above sea level, Can Credo's centuries-old olive trees flank the esteemed vineyards – a symbiotic crop pairing deeply rooted in Mediterranean history and culture. Olivar de Can Credo is harvested in November each year from Arbequina olives, cold-pressed at low temperatures to produce a low-acid oil that is both harmonious and balanced. In keeping with Recaredo's strict production standards, the olive oil is made according to biodynamic principles, taking it one step further than organic. Meanwhile, their herbal tea infusion is an uplifting blend crafted from the stems of the Xarel-lo grape, vine leaves, skins and seed. 


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