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Sergio Manetti acquired Montevertine in 1967 as a vacation home for his family. Once there, he planted two hectares of vineyards and built a small cantina with the idea of producing some wine for family and friends. The first vintage produced and bottled under his supervision in 1971 was received with great praise for its quality. Shortly thereafter, he abandoned his principal activity to devote himself to producing wine at his magnificent estate.

Montevertine is now in the hands of Martino Manetti, son of Sergio, who remains dedicated to the style and philosophy of his forebears. The seamless transition from father to son, so critical to maintaining Montevertine’s tradition of excellence is now safely assured. 


Montevertine is situated in the heart of the Chianti district about halfway between Florence and Siena, specifically 3 kilometers or so south of Radda in Chianti. Documents attest to the fact that the hilltop hamlet of Montevertine was first inhabited in the 11th century as a rural defensive fortress. There are traces of the original construction on the site today.

The olives are harvested from trees surrounding this world-renowned vineyard in Radda in Chianti. The olive groves sit approximately 380 to 420 meters above sea level, placed in a North-East toward South direction. With just 1000 trees, the Montevertine olive oil is consistently in limited supply.


Produced in exceedingly limited quantities from Correggiolo, Moraiolo and Leccino olives and cold pressed using the traditional Tuscan “Reventina” style, Montevertine extra virgin olive oil is consistently ranked among Tuscany’s top oils. Boasting a rich, complex flavor that is simultaneously intense, creamy, nutty and bittersweet, the oil is also in possession of a distinct peppery finish – a signature of its Tuscan terroir.


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