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Della Poderina

Nestled in the foothills of Siena, La Poderina is a stunning estate in the Tuscan countryside. When Diamante d'Alessio had reached the pinnacle of her career in journalism as editor-in-chief of renowned publication IO DONNA, she looked fervently for a new outlet to channel her culinary and sartorial creativity. La Poderina showcases Diamante's extensive experience in fashion, culture and art with beautiful results. The 12 hectare property is home to 500 olive trees, which inspired Diamante to create the "haute couture of olive oil" with Orgolio – the ultimate and most pristine bottling of high-end olive oil.

Diamante worked closely with experts in the field to combine olive species local to Tuscany – Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino – to create a low-acid oil that is perfectly balanced with fruity and spicy notes. The olives are harvested by hand and everything is done according to organic practices with IGP certification for the oil itself.

The name “Orgolio” is a play on the Italian word Orgoglio, which means pride. When pouring from the bottle for the first time, the intense chartreuse color is shocking and brilliant. Then, the stunning visual gives way to tasting notes of fresh cut grass, dandelion greens, pink peppercorns and salt water. An exceptional finishing oil, Orgolio pairs flawlessly with simple preparations to allow the green notes to shine.


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