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Riso San Raffaele


Rice has always been one of the symbols of agricultural Piedmont, but few people know that at the gates of Turin, in a single field of 120 hectares, there is a rice farm of reference. Riso San Raffaelle is a family-run business where the love for the countryside blends with the passion and experience handed down for three generations, living in symbiosis with this unique territory.

Founded in 1960 by Giovanni Battista, the business continued with his son Giuseppe, specializing in the breeding of Piedmontese cattle, and today it is managed by the three Pochettino brothers: Giovanni, Susanna and Beppe. The farm is located within the Protected Area of the Hill of Turin, and a recent member in the Man and the Biosphere, a UNESCO program that promotes balanced development between man and the environment through the protection of biodiversity. Riso San Raffaelle is one of the few companies, if not the only one, in Turin, dedicated to the cultivation of rice and its location allows it to operate in an extraordinary environment, both from a naturalistic and climatic point of view, thus obtaining rice of the highest quality. 


Carnaroli San Raffaele rice is an ideal rice for the creation of risottos and gourmet dishes, thanks to its high capacity to absorb seasonings and always remain al dente. It has a darker color due to less refining, so it keeps intact its protein and vitamin intake and preserves its amount of starch. 



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