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Delicious Nights at home

Delicious Nights at home
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Pasta Perfection features both of Giampiero Bea's wonderful creations from an ancient grain milled on the Bea estate known as Senatore Capelli. Hearty and delicious, we've found that the simplest of sauces are needed to create a satisfying meal out of this pasta and just a handful of ingredients. Our pasta bundle also includes the Armato family's beloved semi-dried cherry tomatoes, bathed in their resplendent Ligurian olive oil, in addition to their peperoncino flakes, where a fresh dose of spice awaits with each generous sprinkling. Below you will find a recipe that scores big points on flavor and finesse, along with a healthy dose of vegetables! Enjoy and stay warm.

Bea Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Brussel Sprouts & Burrata (for two)

7 oz Bea Spaghetti (from Senatore Capelli wheat)
Garlic, several cloves
2 Shallots
1 large fresh tomato (or several smaller ones)
Several ounces of tomato sauce
6 to 8 brussel sprouts
Several ounces of Bea “Grezzo” Olive Oil

In a deep pan, heat the olive oil and place the chopped onion, diced garlic into the oil as it heats; sauté until the onions and garlic begin to wilt and release their aromas; ground some pepper and a half teaspoon of salt over the onions and garlic as they cook. Slice the Brussel sprouts in halves or quarters and mix into the garlic and onion base, continue to cook for several minutes to tenderize the sprouts; put several spoonfuls of the tomato paste into the pan with the sprouts and onions/garlic; mix. Slice the tomato(es) into smaller (but not too small) pieces and mix into the sauce that is forming. Keep on a moderately low flame so the combined elements slowly relax and come together, occasionally stirring. While this is cooking, boil the water and when the water is at a full boil, add salt and place the 7 ounces of Bea Spaghetti in the boiling water; cook for 9 minutes, perhaps 10 to reach nearly al dente stage of texture. Just before the pasta is ready, add a ball of fresh burrata to the sauce and work with a spoon into the sauce (forcefully enough to break up the burrata so it blends well throughout the sauce). Take the pasta out of the boiling water and place in the sauce and stir it so that it is coated with the sauce; add simultaneously a ladleful of the pasta water and continue to cook for a minute or two more; then serve and grind fresh pepper over the pasta (and ground parmesan if desired).

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