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 by Neal Rosenthal

The quintessential summer lunch … on the beach, around the pool, or just about anywhere ... this classic Provençale dish has delighted us ever since that first trip to the Cote d’Azur.  There are lots of variations on this salad; so much depends on what is available from the garden. For the moment, let’s try this version.

Take the freshest greens … a crunchy romaine perhaps … plus some new potatoes just dug, green beans and tomatoes picked, a combination of sweet and slightly hot peppers, and a few eggs from the chicken coop; then, reach into the Mad Rose Foods larder to really set you up for a great experience:

Anchovies in olive oil, caper berries fat and brimming with flavor, tuna protected by the precious Armato extra virgin olive oil, some pitted taggiasche olives, a pinch of hot red pepper flakes and dried oregano for spice and aroma, and the best olive oil to marry to a few extra eggs to make a fabulous mayonnaise.  So, get started … here is the list of what we can provide and a special offer to top it off.

Armato Anchovies in Olive Oil 

Exquisite little fillets gathered from the Mediterranean and let to age and enrich in fine extra virgin olive oil produced by the Armato family in Alassio, Italy.

Armato Caper Berries preserved with vinegar and salt

Fat, luscious berries still on the stem picked in the hills of Liguria; rich with flavor with dense, chewy texture (no resemblance at all to those sad little dried capers that populate the shelves of most gourmet food shops).

Armato Tuna in Olive Oil

Fat strips and chunks of yellowfin tuna (dolphin-safe!) settled in olive oil with a touch of salt and placed in a see-through jar so you can marvel at its impeccable quality

Armato Olives (Taggiasche), pitted and preserved in olive oil

Bite-size olives of unbelievable concentration of flavor enhanced by the contact with the fine Armato Olive Oil

Armato Peperoncino Hot Dried Red Pepper Flakes

These pretty little orange and red flakes, picked from freshly harvested Ligurian peppers then dried, will excite the palate and energize any dish … when used with discretion!

Armato Oregano, Dried

The most aromatic of herbs, field-picked and dried, for your gourmet pleasure

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