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Wild for Mushrooms

Wild for Mushrooms
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One of Neal's Go-To Side Dishes


Chop some garlic and onions (in our case, both are harvested from our garden in the fall of 2018) and sauté them together in a pan; de-stem the mushrooms and save the stems to use at another time to make a mushroom broth; slice in half the mushroom caps if they are large; chop some parsley and set aside; let the pan warm over the burner, sauté the garlic and onions until brown and slightly caramelized, then add the mushrooms, grind some black pepper and throw some sea salt over the mix in the pan. Stir so the mushrooms are cooked through on all sides; as the mushrooms near completion, sprinkle the chopped parsley into the pan and stir into the mixture; enjoy with eggs and throw some more fresh parsley on to the mushrooms to add color and life. 

Any of our wonderful extra virgin olive oils would work well for this dish: the newest from Provence, the constant cupboard companion Armato “Sci-appa” from Liguria, the lovely blend from Il Censo in Sicily or the intense Umbrian oil from the Bea family in Montefalco. 

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