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Miele di Castagno - Chestnut Honey

Miele di Castagno - Chestnut Honey

Collected from chestnut trees growing at 500 to 900 meters above sea level at the base of the mountains near Pont St. Martin, this honey is cultivated in the border area between the Piedmont and the Valle d’Aosta. As is typical of chestnut honeys, it boasts an assertive bitterness (with notes of licorice and smoke) to the finish as a counterpoint to its sweetness; with a dark color and robust flavor that is outstanding in game marinades and married to richly flavored cheeses. It is the boldest honey in our portfolio; a stellar chestnut honey with legions of devout followers. 


Vintage: 2023



About the producer:

Mario Bianco performed his artistry with his crew of bees in the town of Caluso, located in the northwestern part of the Piedmont, approximately 45 minutes north of Turin. From that vantage point in the Alpine foothills, Bianco and his team of flying assistants worked the flowering patterns of the local flora to produce an extraordinary variety of honeys. Sadly, Mario Bianco, our dear friend, guide and spiritual counselor, died in a tragic automobile accident at an age far too young. His work is carried on with equal fervor and talent by his son, Andrea Bianco.

Much of the bee’s work is done in the national park of Gran Paradiso that straddles the border of Piedmont and the Valle d’Aosta. In this zone, one finds Acacia on the lower slopes and then Rhododendron and Chestnut trees as one proceeds to higher altitudes. In addition, the Bianco family collaborates with a colleague in Sicily based in Zaffarano, located on the slopes of Mount Etna, to produce a wondrous array of honeys from the fruits and herbs that blossom on the volcanic slopes of Etna and Iblei. And, most recently, a collaboration with a colleague on the eastern coast of Calabria has given birth to a joyous new honey from the nectar of the local Clementine trees.

Each honey will tantalize the palate and precisely reflect not only the particular flavors of each flower but the characteristics of each year’s growing season. Our honeys from the Bianco family are all labelled with their place of origin, the specific flower source (when applicable) and the year during which the honey was produced.

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