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Corbarino Cherry Tomatoes in Brine

Corbarino Cherry Tomatoes in Brine
Corbarino Cherry Tomatoes in Brine

Taking its name from the region Corbara, these Corbarnino tomatoes packed in salt water are an ancienty variety. Luckily for us, they've seen a revival in the last few years. These oblong-shaped cherry tomatoes are prized for their bittersweet, saline flavor that evokes the Mediterranian Sea. Because of their natural saltyness, they make a perfect pairing for simple seafood dishes. These tomatoes are delicate and do not stand up to long cooking, so instead use them raw, such as in bruschetta, or for whipping up a quick tomato sauce. They're also an excellent base for pizza. 


Casa Marazzo is a third-generation family business that preserves the flavors of a generous and unique territoir. Each jar of tomatoes contains the values and memories that are handed down from generation to generation. Sitting in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, the volcanic soil is known to give extra sweetness to everything that grows in the region. The passion of the Marazzo family is punctuated by a reverential respect for the raw material: tomatoes grown around Mt. Vesuvius, and by the wise and fundamental memories of those who preceded them. The Marazzo's listen closely to the to the seasons, preserving their tomatoes in a natural way without alterations of the true and typical flavors, and take care of the environment as a heritage to be left to one's children.

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