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Premium Tuscan Olive Oil and Vinegar Bundle (10% off!)

Premium Tuscan Olive Oil and Vinegar Bundle (10% off!)

A perfect pairing! Perfect for holiday gifts, birthdays and hosewarmings, this classic bundle is a premium addition to anyone's kitchen. 

Harvested according to organic principles, the I.G.P. certified oil crafted from Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olive oil is low-acid and perfectly balanced with fruity and spicy notes. Use Orgolio as an exceptional finishing oil; the brilliant chartreuse hue gives way to tasting notes of fresh cut grass, dandelion greens and pink peppercorns. 

Available in limited quantities, the Agretto is made with Montevertine's red grapes before fermentation begins, just two days after harvest. The grapes are frozen with dry ice and whisked to an artisanal acetaia in Modena, where they are transformed into the Agretto vinegar.

Though it is made in Modena, the Agretto is not a balsamic vinegar. It is not dense but rather liquid, with a bittersweet and herbaceous quality that is truly delicious. It can be enjoyed on its own, and of course, with an exceptional olive oil. 

Orgolio Olive Oil 2022 500ml

Montevertine Agretto 250ml 


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