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Conti Red Wine Vinegar

Conti Red Wine Vinegar

Aceto d'Origini was produced from grapes harvested in 2018 in the ancient vineyards trained "alla maggiorina" at Castello Conti. The vinegar is processed in the Asì Acetaia delle Langhe in Dogliani through the traditional method called Orleans, named after the French town that became a small capital of vinegar production in the second half of the XlX century.

This artisanal method requires excellent ingredients, extreme care, and patience to achieve the evolution of the wine's colors, aromas and flavors into vinegar of the highest quality. The Conti family’s vinegar is unfiltered so it is normal to notice a small sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

We invite you to discover this exceedingly special red wine vinegar, a worthy addition to the Conti family’s renowned wine portfolio boasting a bright red color, intense aroma, and bold flavors. This versatile vinegar can be used in cooking and to season salads, fresh vegetables, omelettes, and grilled meats.

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