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Adopt an Olive Tree – The Mad Rose Olive Oil Subscription

Adopt an Olive Tree – The Mad Rose Olive Oil Subscription

Three 1L bottles of Armato Olive Oil every 3 months including 1 bottle of their limited edition cuvee of olive oil with final delivery. 

Enjoy a seemingly never-ending supply of luscious Armato olive oil in your kitchen with our exclusive olive oil subscription. The opportunity to adopt an olive tree in the family’s ancient grove of trees affords our customers the chance to support the Armato’s small batch production. Each year-long subscription includes an initial delivery of three 1L bottles of Armato's S-ciappa olive oil, with deliveries of another three bottles every three months thereafter. As an added bonus, the last delivery will also include a bottle of the Armato family’s limited edition “U-Re” cuvee of olive oil. Finally, a gift that is at once pragmatic and pleasurable.


Total of twelve 1L bottles of S-ciappa olive oil and one limited edition bottle of Armato's U-Re oil. 


Vintage: 2023

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